• Angela Preston

    Overcoming Challenging Times

    About 3 years ago during the pandemic, I was in a slightly challenging stage in my life. A place that I have never been before. Feeling a little troubled from a non familiar emotion. My need for God to release me from this feeling was so deep that I began to search for an answer from Him.

    While scrolling through my Facebook page, I saw that Evangelist Barbara Johnson was starting an online prayer Ministry. I said to myself, that I must call in. I can’t explain the urgency that flowed through my spirit to call.

    The first day of the online prayer, I called in, and God spoke through her.

    Evangelist Barbara spoke to my current state as if I had talked to her about it in depth. Hallelujah!! God answered my prayer, and from that day until now I call in to be uplifted and revived. Please continue to touch lives through this anointed prayer ministry!

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