• Connie Savedge

    Keep moving forward

    My anointed sister, Evangelist Barbara Johnson has been transformed and consecrated to do an awesome assignment for the kingdom. Barbara walks in her God given authority and it is a clear indicator of God’s approval and that he has sanctioned her life for ministry.

    As her friend/sister I have seen firsthand the anointed oil that pours from her head, and it is a clear sign that she has been set apart for special service unto God. Many women are encouraged, healed, inspired, and can move forward in the kingdom, because of her walk with God. She takes her assignment in ministry seriously and moves strategically in the spirit to accomplish the mission at hand.

    The anointing is also a sign of God’s love and compassion. Evangelist Barbara displays this act of kindness to everyone she encounters. She gives of herself selflessly and does it without fanfare. Barbara maintains a heart of humility as she loves wounded souls back to good health by being compassionate in ministry.

    Her anointing is her “secret sauce” that empowers her to carry out the assignment. I love you Barb, I pray for your continued obedience in ministry. I pray for your continued faithfulness as God leads you into your next season. You will not be disappointed, because as you always tell me, “You can’t work for God and he not work for you.”

    Keep moving forward Sis, why because you are walking in your God given authority, so speak things into existence because you have the authority!

  • Deborah Collier

    I'm A Survivor

    My name is Deborah Collier and it brings me great joy to be alive and able to share my testimony with whomever will read it. I am a cancer survivor; not just once but twice! Revelation 12:11 says, “And they overcame him by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death”.

    I have always feared receiving a negative mammogram result since I was a teenager and I do not know why, but God has a way of preparing us for our storms before we ever experience them.

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  • Angela Preston

    Overcoming Challenging Times

    About 3 years ago during the pandemic, I was in a slightly challenging stage in my life. A place that I have never been before. Feeling a little troubled from a non familiar emotion. My need for God to release me from this feeling was so deep that I began to search for an answer from Him.

    While scrolling through my Facebook page, I saw that Evangelist Barbara Johnson was starting an online prayer Ministry. I said to myself, that I must call in. I can’t explain the urgency that flowed through my spirit to call.

    The first day of the online prayer, I called in, and God spoke through her.

    Evangelist Barbara spoke to my current state as if I had talked to her about it in depth. Hallelujah!! God answered my prayer, and from that day until now I call in to be uplifted and revived. Please continue to touch lives through this anointed prayer ministry!

  • Hope Boykins

    Testimony Of Healing

    I am grateful to have connected with “Anybody Wanna Pray” ministry. It is because of this ministry that I share my testimony with you. In a moment, I will share how I came to know this ministry and how it has blessed my life.

    In January of 2019, I received a diagnosis of cancer. The one thing no one ever wants to hear during a routine medical screening. Of course, I reacted like most when hearing this news – I cried. Initially, a spirit of fear tried to come upon me; but this spirit did not come from our Father, ‘for God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” (2Timothy 1:7) I did not want this, nor the treatment that came along with it.

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  • Marlene Howard

    What a Blessing

    Proverbs 3:5 and 6 are two of my favorite verses in God's Word because in trusting God, He will always put us in the right direction and on the clear path to achieve and maintain Godly success. Trusting in God directed my path 4 years ago towards becoming a participant of The Anybody Wanna Pray Morning Prayer with Evangelist Barbara Johnson.

    Praying together in the mornings before the day's activities began was an area that my husband and I of 27 1/2 years enjoyed together, and adding this Morning Prayer ministry to my prayer life was definitely God directed.

    On December 21, 2021, my husband passed away and is currently Awaiting the Return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. While that part of my life with my husband ended, God’s plan was always for me to maintain an early morning devotion to Him and I continue to experience that with Evangelist Johnson's Morning Prayer.

    The Anybody Wanna Prayer Morning Prayer ministry is Word-filled and Faith-filled. This prayer time is encouraging, positive, inspiring, and comforting to me. It focuses on such areas as how to maintain the peace of God, the importance of prayer, God’s love for us, how we can maintain our trust in Him, as well as his ability to deliver us in challenging times. Having this pray ministry available to me is, and continues to be, a blessing to my life.

  • Berlinda Rogers

    Waiting On The Lord

    I give God thanks for waking up every morning. God has been good to me, and I thank God for blessing me.

    Ms. Johnson, I thank God for you and the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday prayer calls...they have been a blessing. I am addicted to Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I am blessed every time I hear what is being said and the prayers being prayed.

    I don't care how sleepy, or how late I go to bed, I thank God for blessing me to get up and hear your words of encouragement and inspiration. I can truly say you have been a blessing to me.

    I would love to give my testimony about waiting on the Lord to bless and give you the desire of your heart. Ms. Johnson, I can say that the Lord has blessed me with a very nice, God-fearing man. Sometimes, I have to ask myself "God, are you sure this is for me?" Waiting 20 years has been a blessing to me.

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  • Mother Mary Melton

    Blessed by Anybody Wanna Pray

    I am one of the older Mothers that have been blessed by the “Anybody Wanna Pray” ministry. One Sunday evening while relaxing with my husband, I received a phone call from my daughter (Barbrie), this is what I call her.

    She asked me if I would pray on the weekly “Anybody Wanna Pray” prayer call ministry. I said yes, because I learned a long time ago, you just don’t say no to God! And, I knew the devil will never tell anyone to pray, so I knew it was God telling her to ask me. My voice was trembling, and my nerves were jingling, because that was the first time anyone had asked me to pray on a telephone, Zoom or TV ministry. Since then, I have prayed on several prayer ministries.

    I am so thankful to Evangelist Barbara Johnson for that open door. Barbara has also been a tremendous blessing to me in other ways. You know when you get older, sometimes you feel left out and not needed anymore. This is another way that Barbara has been a blessing to me and several other of the older Mothers. She is always thinking of ways to bless us and make us feel wanted, encouraging us to know that we are still needed in God’s Kingdom to inspire other women with our wisdom and knowledge.

    Her ministry comes on at 6am in the mornings, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. She knows that it’s harder for us older Mothers to rise that early as we did when we were younger, so she sends us the prayer ministry, another way that she remembers us!

    Barbara, keep going! You are one of my other daughters. God is using you in an awesome way, and I am Godly proud of you and what you are doing in the lives of other women around the world. As one of your Mothers, I am letting you know that God is using you in a great and mighty way.

    May God Bless and Keep You! Your Ma Melton!