• Mother Mary Melton

    Blessed by Anybody Wanna Pray

    I am one of the older Mothers that have been blessed by the “Anybody Wanna Pray” ministry. One Sunday evening while relaxing with my husband, I received a phone call from my daughter (Barbrie), this is what I call her.

    She asked me if I would pray on the weekly “Anybody Wanna Pray” prayer call ministry. I said yes, because I learned a long time ago, you just don’t say no to God! And, I knew the devil will never tell anyone to pray, so I knew it was God telling her to ask me. My voice was trembling, and my nerves were jingling, because that was the first time anyone had asked me to pray on a telephone, Zoom or TV ministry. Since then, I have prayed on several prayer ministries.

    I am so thankful to Evangelist Barbara Johnson for that open door. Barbara has also been a tremendous blessing to me in other ways. You know when you get older, sometimes you feel left out and not needed anymore. This is another way that Barbara has been a blessing to me and several other of the older Mothers. She is always thinking of ways to bless us and make us feel wanted, encouraging us to know that we are still needed in God’s Kingdom to inspire other women with our wisdom and knowledge.

    Her ministry comes on at 6am in the mornings, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. She knows that it’s harder for us older Mothers to rise that early as we did when we were younger, so she sends us the prayer ministry, another way that she remembers us!

    Barbara, keep going! You are one of my other daughters. God is using you in an awesome way, and I am Godly proud of you and what you are doing in the lives of other women around the world. As one of your Mothers, I am letting you know that God is using you in a great and mighty way.

    May God Bless and Keep You! Your Ma Melton!

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