• Connie Savedge

    Trusting in Jesus

    My anointed sister, Evangelist Barbara Johnson has been transformed and consecrated to do an awesome assignment for the kingdom. Barbara walks in her God given authority and it is a clear indicator of God’s approval and that he has sanctioned her life for ministry.

    As her friend/sister I have seen firsthand the anointed oil that pours from her head, and it is a clear sign that she has been set apart for special service unto God. Many women are encouraged, healed, inspired, and can move forward in the kingdom, because of her walk with God. She takes her assignment in ministry seriously and moves strategically in the spirit to accomplish the mission at hand.

    The anointing is also a sign of God’s love and compassion. Evangelist Barbara displays this act of kindness to everyone she encounters. She gives of herself selflessly and does it without fanfare. Barbara maintains a heart of humility as she loves wounded souls back to good health by being compassionate in ministry.

    Her anointing is her “secret sauce” that empowers her to carry out the assignment. I love you Barb, I pray for your continued obedience in ministry. I pray for your continued faithfulness as God leads you into your next season. You will not be disappointed, because as you always tell me, “You can’t work for God and he not work for you.”

    Keep moving forward Sis, why because you are walking in your God given authority, so speak things into existence because you have the authority!

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